Having a keen interest in Chinese culture, taoism and art in general, I decided to create this blog so as to share some knowledge on a few topics that appeal to me, with the aim of spreading the little knowledge I have acquired over the years.

There is no denying that perceptions differ from one culture to another. We define ourselves by the way we think, and as a result, by the way we speak and use words. In a way, words are the only tools we have at our disposal to create our thoughts, and they enable us to express our worlds and our notions, however subtle they may be.

It is clear that mere translations of words or idioms do not necessarily make it possible for foreign listeners to grasp the underlying meanings of certain concepts being brought forward. Thus, being able to navigate through the numerous intricacies of different cultures and environments is a definite asset in today’s world.

Allow me then to help contribute, however modestly, to the spread of a certain bit of knowledge, and be your guide here to help you enjoy the beauty stemming from the discoveries we all may make in our path to knowledge and self-awareness.

May the 气 be with you!