On web developers ethics

Why don’t web developers and companies care more about GAFAM – and their implications – and still use Angular (Google) or React (Facebook)?

I don’t get it.

The fact that those are “open source” software (xD) doesn’t mean anything, ethically speaking, it still does not excuse their wrongdoings.

GAFAM still mess with your data and sell it to third parties.
Now they got a monopoly and they don’t care anymore… But you should!

We use them (even unwillingly at times) and they still continue to collect our info, or worse, only teach you how to be dependent of GAFAM tools. Some even might say: since everybody uses them, why not do it? That’s typically how mass psychology works and as we reached this state, it’s not really a good sign for us.

Most IT guys would probably say they are great (if not the best) tools available online, which might be true – that’s very subjective though – but what about their ethics as an IT guy?

As an IT guy or business, don’t you know that the tools you use today will shape the society of tomorrow, and that it’s also part of your responsibility to warn others of such uses?

The truth is convenience and comfort always lead to mediocrity.
And in case you didn’t notice, I talk about mediocre ethics here, not performance…

Being willing to respect ethics in the long term always requires more than performance or convenience, it requires a lot more sacrifices, but rewards you thereafter with the pride of having done what was right. And that’s what differentiate great people from the masses. They have a broader vision and perspective, and don’t let go.

If you care too much about performance, you might lose your ethics and a lot more than that… So, I sincerely think we need to have a broader vision on that, not a shallow one.

We’re daily bombarded with info about the benefits of AI on social media, and this, endlessly. What a load of horseshit…

Sometimes, it seems like we are fighting a lost battle against such moves from the public.
But even if I’m among the last of the mohican there, I do hope this post will serve you as a reminder that the fight goes on and it’s not over yet…

As a consumer, you got the power to change things! And GAFAM are dangerous in the way they reshape and censor society.

I see you coming though: I say this on Linkedin, which is a social media. True that. But I hope it will have an impact.
Just like Morpheus getting into the matrix to save some interesting souls out there… xD And I will give a few pointers in the comment section later.

As users and contributors to those kinds of technologies, where are the devs that oppose GAFAM tech and set an example?
I bet there are some out there and personally I’d like to know a lot more of them.

Besides, I got lots of red pills left… 😉