Chinese breakfasts

Steamed rice rolls and Baozi

When living in Shenzhen, one of the things I enjoyed the most was having a Chinese breakfast.

In China, you can go out early in the morning and take your pick amongst a variety of street food and snacks, such as steamed rice rolls (包饭)or traditional Baozi or rice porridge, as shown below.

Baozi and rice porridge, in a Chinese snack bar located in Chengdu

Apart from the price, which is tremendously ridiculous given the taste and nutritional consistency of such food, I always relished the prospect of having a good old breakfast that would enable me to whet my appetite and be full for the whole morning. The upside of such a breakfast is that it holds well, indeed.

My two personal favourites are disclosed in the pictures. Baozi and steamed rice rolls are for me the epitome of savoury breakfast.

Typical steamed rice roll served in Southern China.

Regarding the picture just above, the savoury rice flour is roll out in a sort of flat and circular griddle plate, resembling those used for the making of French crepes, and the condiments and eggs are added generally after that. I fell in love with that dish the moment I tasted it.

Buying steamed Baozi in the streets of Chengdu

China abounds with numerous typical and regional dishes that are nowhere else to be found but I think, should merit publicity as well.

What about you ? What is your favourite food for breakfast before a hard day’s work ?