France is bacon ?

The other day, I came across a hilarious story about Francis Bacon. Someone had understood “Knowledge is power, France is bacon”, when his dad had just said “Knowledge is power, (and I quote) Francis Bacon”.
You will find out more details below.

As a matter of fact, this sort of misunderstanding happens quite a lot!
For instance, the same may go for “Le pot aux roses” (le poteau rose), “le faussaire”(le faux cerf… 🦌😁) or many other expressions…

Other than languages, there are also a ton of things we miss out on a daily basis.
Personally, I could talk about the carrefour logo. When I was a kid, I always wondered what the logo was and why it was so peculiar until one day, someone told me it was just a “C” in the middle.

I just saw a weird arrow and logo when I was a kid. Never figured out it was a “C”. Strange, innit?

I was gobsmacked! 😳😆
The funny thing is that I was not the only person who had no idea! Indeed, lots of friends of mine – way more than I thought – admitted they had no clue either.

If you ask me, I reckon that’s also the beauty of ignorance! That’s also what make a language so interesting and fun to learn. Puns are a pleasure to discover!

I am quite curious about what were/are the expressions you have trouble with or the puns you like best!

Feel free to comment so we could have a giraffe! France is bacon, indeed…😉