Qi: The healing energy

Here is a video about Dr Sun.

He heals people thanks to Qi.

The video is in French. In it, Dr Sun explains that he heals through the surrounding energy (Qi – 气) and can directly detect the causes of his patients’ problems.

As he was suffering from a very serious ailment and was on the verge of dying, a monk came to see him and taught him a special Qigong for him to recover. Not being a strong believer of such practices, he tried nevertheless and noticed he started feeling better. After having taken up Qigong practice on a daily basis, he realized a real improvement in his health had taken place and then kept doing so everyday.

Through unrelenting practice, he managed to develop his ability to the point where he was able to heal people via his own Qi. However, when healing his patients, he gradually realized that he was draining his own energy. As a consequence, he got very tired after each session.

As he didn’t stop practicing Qigong, he kept developing his ability and then became aware of the surrounding Qi. This energy being all around us, he finally managed to use it to heal patients through fine mastery, instead of draining his own energy and is now able to heal patients while keeping all his strength.

He claims that one might be able to develop the same ability…

Quite an impressive person, that is…