Treatise on Karma – 太上感應篇

The treatise on Karma – 太上感應篇 Taishang Ganying Pian – is a Taoist treatise that covers the retribution of thoughts, words, and deeds, and explains how karma works. It’s all about doing what’s good and right and turning away from evil.

I espacially like the first line that reads:


A translation of it could be : “Fortune and misery do not happen at random. There are merely the consequences of a person’s actions. Whether they be good or evil, these actions are inseparable from their authors.” (or “follow everybody like a shadow” in Chinese. I also chose to point out this Chinese expression 如影随形 here because I like it. It clearly depicts how inseparable from the individuals such actions are considered. ^^)

Indeed, we all need a little reminder of Karmic laws (法/因果报应) from time to time…

Treatise on Karma - 太上感應篇

To me, the Treatise on Karma – 太上感應篇 – is a must-read if you’re into taoism. If not, it is nevertheless an interesting read. From a Taoist perspective, what is written here is golden. Li Ying-Chang, who was a scholar who retired from civil administration to teach Taoism, is the person who has allegedly authored this. Nothing is for sure though.

I put some versions in English here, in French here and in Chinese here.

Enjoy ! 😉